RockBlades (IASTM)

Rocktape’s philosophy on IASTM is a little departure from the theory taught in other tool assisted massage courses.  Our philosophy is partly based on research conducted by Dr. Robert Schleip, who debunked the idea of fascial release because fascia is a very tough tissue that requires an extremely large amount of force to deform.  We are less likely “breaking” scar tissue and lengthening tissue and more likely temporarily affecting fascial tone.  Rocktape’s Medical Director, Dr. Steve Capobianco decscibes the technique “Instrument Assisted Soft-Tissue Neurosensory Modulation”.  We are merely providing a stimulus to pain and pressure receptors, free-nerve endings, and other mechanoreceptors in order to allow our patients to move better.  We are affecting the nervous system.

RockBlades can be a very useful tool to help our patients recover faster along with other techniques in you “Treatment Bag”.  They are designed to work along side other treatments including manipulation/mobilisation, rehabilitative exercise, dry-needling, kinesiology taping

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